Pakistan’s Culture

Pakistan’s Culture

Folk Food-

Tender meat curry called mutkah ghosht is a traditional food of Ther ( rural town ), which is cooked in a tandoor stove.

Pop. Food-

Naan and Kabobs ( seekh, gola, tikka, aalo, chapli, and many more!) are some of the most well known Pakistani foods worldwide. Naan is a type of leavened bread, and shaped (sometimes) as a tear drop made from flower dough. Kabobs are made of minced meat, and there are many forms.

Naan, sometimes served with seasoning.


Folk music/art-

Ghazal, a type of traditional song sung in a way to praise somebody or something. Other types of folk music include Sufi, Qawwali, and Sufi Rock, all traditional songs sung by different groups in Pakistan.

Pop. music/art-

Nasheeds such as Julwa-e-Jannah, are popular religious songs which use instruments such as drums, sitar (instrument used), and tablahs (instrument used). These songs are heavily influenced by religion, and have a praising nature towards religion.

Folk Clothing-

Ghagra choli, a traditional clothing for the people in gaw [gha- ao] , or a rural place in Pakistan (next to Baloch), is part of their daily lives. Y
These clothes are worn on a day to day basis, and are made to be used in all parts of the day.

This woman sieves rice in her Ghagra choli.
Pop. Clothing-

Kameez and Shalwar are popular clothing in Pakistan. These clothes are worn on a daily basis and fancier forms of these clothes are worn on special occasions. The clothes that are more expensive are usually hand sown, and may have beads and other embroidery designs on the clothing. Women and men wear Shalwar and Kameez, different types of clothing but they share the same name.

(He thinks he’s Swag)

(All of their poses were weird!!)

Folk Shelter-

Many people who live in a Gaw have shelters made of straw and rags called a jhopri. These shelters are easy to make, and provide enough shelter for one or two people, and are cheap.


Pop. Shelter-

Shelter in major cities are mostly made of brick (mostly white, sometimes red) and covered in plaster to have a smooth effect. Houses like these are common in major cities such as Karachi.


Folk Technology-

Many areas in Pakistan have been introduced to technology such as TV’s, video games, and computers. Some of these places have certain types of tools even depending on their careers and daily work. Gears are used in certain villages for work, and laptops in accounting.


Pop. Technology-

Nowadays, in major cities such as Islamabad and Karachi, Technology thrives thought the population. People have access to smart phones, TV’s, computers, laptops, and more. Technology has advanced very quickly into the major cities on Pakistan.


Folk Beliefs-

Some Folk beliefs include tying threads onto a grave of a well known religious scholar. They believe that if they do this, they will get help in following their religion. They also ask for repentance through these people. This belief is a deviation from the pure teachings for Islam, the religion that the people who practice this follow. Some people even believe that Hakeem’s , a form of chiropractors, are a better alternative than doctors.

Pop. Beliefs-
Popular beliefs include the life after death, which is stated in the religion of Islam. This belief is widely popular in Muslims, which is majority of the population in Pakistan. The belief is that you will have a life after death, and will be punished or rewarded according to your previous life


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